Israel and The Trump Era Prof. Eytan Gilboa It’s hard to predict how US-Israel relations will develop in the Trump era. He has not yet defined his goals in the Middle East and the means to achieve them… Read more   Après Abbas Khaled Abu Toameh Palestinian Affairs expert Khaled Abu Toameh explores various scenarios if […]

The Dawn of a New Era… Trump and Tomorrow Dr. Leslie Susser The most significant watershed moment since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948 could be looming… Read more   The Dawn of a New Era… Trump’s Commitments Prof. Eytan Gilboa Netanyahu’s meeting with Trump is an opportunity for the two leaders to […]

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High-risk Regularization Dr. Leslie Susser Legislation could jeopardize the US-led international consensus over the large settlement blocs remaining in Israel as part of a two-state solution… Read more   Who Needs Subs? Ami Ayalon Israel needs submarines to overcome future threats over the next 40 years, says former Commander of the Navy, Ami Ayalon… Read more Trumponomics […]

Countervailing Currents Dr. Leslie Susser If 5776 was a year of significant diplomatic gains, 5777 is likely to see them tested under mounting international pressure on Israel’s right-wing government…… Read more   Space Turbulence Aby Har Even Former head of the Israel Space Agency Aby Har Even examines recent problems besetting Israel’s constellation of space satellites… Read […]

A Kurdish State Prof. Ofra Bengio Kurdistan in Iraq could be on the brink of independence… Read more   The Pliable Status Quo Prof. Shlomo Maital Sabbath work and the economy… Read more   The Kremlin and The Ayatollahs Ambassador Zvi Magen Despite some real areas of discord between Russia and Iran, significant joint interests remain… Read more […]

Viewpoints, December 2016 Ami Ayalon Interview IPD Forum: Is it necessary to order three new submarines for the Israel Navy now? Ami Ayalon: Yes. If we require a submarine to be operational at sea in 10 to 12 years, we need to sign the contracts today. If we are talking about three subs, the first […]

Viewpoints, January 2017 Prof. Eyal Zisser A little over a year ago, in September 2015, Russia returned to the Middle East after an absence of almost two decades. The Kremlin sent troops to Syria to fight on behalf of President Bashar Assad and installed naval and air bases on Syrian territory, indicating that it intends to […]

Viewpoints, December 2016 Prof. Shlomo Maital It hard to nail down what US President-elect Donald Trump believes and will implement. But it is possible to piece together a fairly coherent picture of Trumponomics – his view of business and economics. I’ve read mountains of columns by economists and experts vilifying Trump and scorning his views. […]

Viewpoints, December 2016 Avi Hoffmann In 2000, I was one of a group of Israeli journalists gazing in wonder as Boeing unveiled its version of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) at its plant in California. The flight demonstrator was a prototype of America’s next generation warplane and was mooted to become the most advanced warplane […]