The New Strategic Landscape for Israel in the Middle East



The political landscape of the modern Middle East has rarely been so turbulent as in recent years. The Arab Spring revolutions, disintegration of traditional governments and armies, the civil wars in Syria and Iraq and the rise of the Islamic State are just a few of the events necessitating re-evaluation of Israel’s traditional strategic threats and opportunities. While Israel remains in a hostile neighborhood and American influence in the region has declined, some regional turbulence has inspired positive change in Israel’s security position. New frontiers include strengthening alliances with Egypt and Turkey, a historic water deal with Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, and the emergence of covert ties with Persian Gulf states in opposition to Iranian nuclear aspirations. Professor Gilboa will analyze these current events in the historical context of the greater Middle East, and reveal how regional developments may lead to a paradigm shift in Israeli foreign affairs and national security.

Hosted by: Temple Beth Shalom