Q: What is the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum?

A: We are a non-profit, non-partisan, educational organization that offers expert analysis and commentary on Israel and the Middle East

Q: Why was the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum established?

A: To promote public awareness and understanding of the Middle East and its key impact on international affairs.

Q: What are the objectives of the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum?

We seek to promote dialogue, spark debate and facilitate a free and frank exchange of views about the rich set of issues that affect Israel, the Middle East, and the region’s relationship to the rest of the world.

Q: How does the IPD Forum achieve its mission?

A: We work in close collaboration with a range of organizations and institutions in order to set up conferences, panel discussions, debates, forums, seminars and workshops. Each event features one or more representative speakers from the IPD Forum.

Q: What kind of issues does the IPD Forum discuss?

A: We discuss the full range of issues that affect Israel and the Middle East. These include local and regional political issues; international relations between the region’s states and the wider world; economic and social affairs and cultural issues. All of them combine to form the rich tapestry of cultures, peoples, attitudes and viewpoints in the region that continue to fascinate and influence the world, both locally and internationally.

Q: Who are the IPD Forum speakers?

A: Our speakers are academics and researchers who have a professional understanding of the topics being discussed. Typically, these topics derive from research in fields such as political science, communication, law, economics, sociology and history.

Q: With what kind of organizations does the IPD Forum work?

A: Academic institutions, policy and research centers, think tanks, professional associations, press clubs and media organizations, civic organizations and councils, educational foundations, business groups and networks, human rights organizations, local ethnic communities and religious institutions.

Q: Where is the IPD Forum located?

A: The IPD Forum operates from its offices in Israel. Programs are generally carried out in Europe and North America. However, we work with organizations from all over the world and welcome opportunities to collaborate with organizations outside these regions.

Q: How is the IPD Forum funded?

A: Our independence is critical to our work. We receive funding solely from private grants and donations. The Forum is neither affiliated nor funded by any political party, organization or government. It is an independent and apolitical educational organization.

Q: How do I become a donor?

A: If you are interested in becoming a donor, Please contact us by filling out this form.

Q: My organization is interested in partnering with the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum for a joint event. How can this be arranged?

A: Thank you for considering the IPD Forum as your partner!. For all inquiries related to joint programs and events, Please contact fill out the Contact form.