Newsletter April 2016


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The 2016 Election Season: The View from Jerusalem
Prof. Eytan Gilboa

At a time of diplomatic uncertainty, Israeli voters seek a president who will mend
relations, damaged during the Obama tenure… Read more



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The Russian Cause in Syria
Prof. Uzi Rabi

In a four-month operation and in an effort to stabilize the Assad regime, Russia has asserted itself in the Middle East and has weakened rebel groups which oppose the Syrian despot… Read more

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Israel and Turkey: The promises and
Perils of Reconciliation
Dr. Efrat Aviv

Israel and Turkey have been negotiating on the undersecretary-level in recent months in an attempt to bridge the contention between the… Read more


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Interview with Hillel Schuster
Battle of Drills: Israel, Noble Energy and the Future of Israeli Gas
By Avichai Korn

Over the past two years, natural gas findings in Israeli waters have garnered much negative publicity. Texas-based energy exploration and production company, Noble Energy and the Israeli government continue ongoing disputes over taxation, drilling rights and export quotas for Israel’s newfound resources. At the end of March, the Supreme Court rejected one
clause in a newly proposed deal, a ‘stability clause’, committing the government to a ten-year deal with Noble Energy, which it deemed unconstitutional. But Hillel Schuster, Head of Corporate Finance at KPMG in Tel Aviv, remains optimistic that the two sides will break through the political deadlock… Read more

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