Newsletter February 2017

The Trump administration may be enabling Israel to compromise itself irrevocably with the rest of international community

The Dawn of a New Era…
Trump and Tomorrow

Dr. Leslie Susser

The most significant watershed moment since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948 could be looming… Read more


Iran tests a Shahab-3 medium-range (over 1,900 kilometers) ballistic missile; Credit: Iran Revolutionary Guards.

The Dawn of a New Era…
Trump’s Commitments

Prof. Eytan Gilboa

Netanyahu’s meeting with Trump is an opportunity for the two leaders to exchange ideas and coordinate policies… Read more


New US Vice President Mike Pence holds a 'Jews for Trump' sign while on the campaign trail in September; Credit: Courtesy photo.

Credit: Courtesy photo.

Trump and US Jews

Dr. Elliot Jager

Political commenter Dr. Elliot Jager assesses the impact of the Donald Trump presidency on the Jews of America… Read more


Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, center, is given a dryland farming demonstration on a visit to Kibbutz Kalia on the shore of the Dead Sea, February, 2016; Credit: PSCU, Kenya.

Credit: PSCU, Kenya.

Promise and Peril

Prof. Hussein Solomon

Netanyahu’s drive to Africa… Read more


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