Professor Eytan Gilboa, President and Academic Director

Welcome to the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum!

In recent years, the Middle East has become the major source of instability and violence in the world, with large scale ramifications for global security, peace and prosperity. These turbulences have also influenced Europe, the US and Israel.

The rapid and erratic developments which characterize the region are confusing and often defy rational explanation. Local, international and social media are the main sources of information about Israel and the region. But often these provide only a partial picture of the main issues and the parties involved, and the coverage and the commentary can be biased and misleading.

The IPD Forum was established to fill in the gaps of information regarding Israel and the Middle East. It provides in-depth analysis of current affairs, offers the framework to place events in their broader context, and equips audiences with fundamental tools that could help them to understand future events and processes.
We endeavour to discuss the problems of and prospects for Israel and the Middle East in a constructive way and are ready not only to convey the issues from our own perspective, but also to listen and learn from concerned people and organizations with whom we seek to cooperate. We are open to any ideas about forums and formats for our events and activities.

We look forward to the opportunity of collaborating with organizations in our educational, non-partisan mission to reach out and engage with communities worldwide.

Professor Eytan Gilboa
Chair and Academic Director